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The fluro yellow model is the standard size Aqua Exerciser and is designed for all ages and strength levels for use in the water. 

Aqua Exercisers is used for hydrotherapy and aqua aerobics among thousands of our customers worldwide. The workout intensity level is determined by the speed of use through the water, therefore making this product the perfect piece of equipment for those looking to keep active or for those who want an intense upper body workout.

Aqua Exercisers are:

  • UV, water and chlorine resistant,
  • Lightweight,
  • Suitable for all ages and strength levels
  • Made in Australia

    Choose your Aqua Exercisers according to your strength and physical ability. This model will help you progress into larger sized paddles and help gain strength over time. 

    The product comes in pairs (two paddles) and comes with an instructional guide on how to perform certain exercises.

    The entire supply chain of this company, including designing, manufacturing and distributing is performed in Australia.